Lidl launch five Krispy Kreme style doughnuts – but only one gets to stay

Budget supermarket Lidl is asking the public to choose their latest doughnut flavour, but you’ll need to be speedy.

There are five new flavours on offer, including Crème Brûlée, Boston Crème and Banoffee Pie. All the doughnuts have been inspired by the Nation’s favourite dessert combos and will be priced at 65p alongside the existing range. But only one will be sold this summer.

Doughnut fans are able to to vote on Lidl UK’s Facebook page here , you’ll need to be quick though as voting closes on Thursday 3 May, and the winning doughnut will then be available in stores this summer.

Which flavours can doughnut fans choose from?

  • Bramley Apple: a delicious and zingy contender, to satisfy those who love a Sunday dinner classic, apple pie
  • Forest Fruits: a filled delicacy which is a twist on the classic jam doughnut for those who love a fruity explosion
  • Banana & Toffee: this classic flavour combo is tried and tested but when added to the doughnut it creates a luxurious and hard to resist treat
  • Crème Brûlée: a restaurant classic across the UK – the cool mixture of vanilla and thick custard is a comforting and unctuous treat
  • Boston Crème: Paul Hollywood’s favourite dessert from the Bake Off is reimagined in this custard and chocolate-y treat

Richard Inglis, Head of Food Buying at Lidl UK said: “This is the first time ever we’ve put our customers in the hot seat to decide which new treat makes it onto the shelves of our popular bakery. The doughnut has been through so many trends in the last year but you really can’t beat the classic ring and filled style with a novel and delicious topping or filling – we can’t wait to see which flavour our customers choose!”

Voting opens from 11am on Wednesday 2 May, so make sure to choose wisely.

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