Man sparks feud after recording total mess parents left after baby was eating in a restaurant and it’s divided mums | The Sun

GOING out to eat in public with little ones is a stressful experience for most parents.

But one man was left reeling after discovering the mess parents left in one restaurant.

Beau, from sunny Australia, was in the restaurant when he spotted the mess, and was so infuriated that he decided to record it and put in social media.

The table in question had two highchairs next to it, and food was thrown all over the floor, a common scene when little ones start eating solid food.

But he didn't think that was an acceptable excuse for the parents to leave the mess for wait staff to clear up.

In the TikTok clip, he said: "I don't care who you are as a parent, leaving a f***ing restaurant like that is disgusting.


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"Surely it's not that hard to pick up after your kids."

"You gotta feel sorry for the wait staff," he captioned the post.

The video posted to his account @beau_the_legend has since gone viral with over 985k views and over 24,000 likes.

But it seemed people in the comments section were divided other who should clean up the mess.

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Plenty agreed with Beau but some parents claimed they were told off for trying to clear up.

One person wrote: "My son made a mess like this, I went to ask the lady at the cafe for a broom and she told me not to worry it’s her job. She told me mine was to relax."

Another commented: "I worked in pubs and restaurants before I had my baby and we won’t dare let the parent clean up after before they leave."

"Dude, seriously the workers don’t care, neither should you," penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "110%! Leaving it like that is just pure disrespect!"

"I always ask them if they want me to clean it up before we leave,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "I would be mortified. I always picked up after my kids in restaurants."

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