McDonald's is now serving guacamole and salsa-loaded fries… but there's a catch

Well, yes, there is: McDonald’s fries loaded with guacamole and tomato salsa.

The Mexican-inspired snack is now on the menu at fast food outlets across Australia.

The treat has been a hit with millennials desperate to get their daily avocado fix.

Fabulous Online has contacted the burger joint to find out if they’re making their way to our shores any time soon.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, we revealed McDonald’s is selling Camembert doughnuts.

The newest menu addition is breaded and deep-fried – and served with cranberry sauce for dipping.

The cheesy treat is available in McDonald’s Germany and costs 3.99 euros.

Recently we brought you the news that McDonald’s were selling chicken nuggets for breakfast… but there was a catch there, too.

Plus, in related news, Americans have just discovered the humble chip butty, and Brits are in stiches at their shocked reactions.

While this mum claims she accidentally sent her son to school in this VERY rude Maccies T-shirt.

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