Meet the teen ASOS model who’s embracing her back rolls

This 19-year-old model became an overnight sensation on social media after showing off her curves in an ASOS catalogue.

Last Wednesday, the fast fashion brand uploaded an image of model Natalia Lorenzo in a dress that exposed her back rolls, which went viral on social media.

“Look at this gorgeous model and her cute back rolls just out here to show women that their bodies are normal and that real life isn’t photoshopped and filtered,” writes one Twitter user.

Lorenzo, who’s Miami-born and currently based in London, has only been modeling for seven months and is flattered by all the attention she’s getting.

“I think it’s great,” Natalia tells “I’m not ashamed of having back rolls, it’s actually really normal!”

But Lorenzo’s journey to embracing her curves wasn’t easy.

“I suffered from eating disorders, depression and anxiety growing up due to body image issues,” Lorenzo says.

She hopes these photos will encourage other women to love their bodies.

“I decided to not let the way I look or my insecurities hold me back in life anymore,” Lorenzo says.

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