‘Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’ ride in a black cab with ‘Kate Moss’ and take a candid selfie in funny spoof pics

'MEGHAN Markle' and 'Prince Harry' have been snapped taking a candid pregnancy selfie and riding in a taxi with supermodel Kate Moss. 

But don't be deceived – the incredible images are not what they seem, as part of a spoof collection of royal photos by photographer Alison Jackson.

Just weeks after comical photos emerged of the Duchess of Sussex brawling with Kate Middleton after rumours of their feud, the spoof photographer has released new images of the fake royal couple.

Part of a series that previously saw 'Meghan' and 'Harry' practising pre-natal yoga and picking out baby names, the latest snaps sees the royal pair pose for a selfie.

Back stage at the Leicester Square theatre, the Duke and Duchess are photographed as they prepare to go on stage as part of Alison's three-night comedy show, Double Take.

Meghan appears to lovingly cradle her bump as she holds up her phone for a quick picture next to husband Prince Harry.

The comical shot even sees Harry dressed in his royal finery, similar to the traditional military uniform of the Blues worn at his wedding last May.

While Jackson's work often features members of the Royal Family, they aren't the only celebrities targeted by the world's best spoof photographer.

In a similarly candid shot, Alison posed the royal couple in the back of a taxi with supermodel Kate Moss, also a remarkably similar body double.

Imagining they were on their way to a star-studded event, the fake royals smile towards each other as Kate poses to the camera.

But other celebrities and politicians like Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have also been 'caught on camera' by the photographer.

Appearing on This Morning, Alison admitted that her light-hearted shots, which are meant to poke fun at modern stars, have got her into trouble in the past.

"I'm constantly thinking whether I should or shouldn't," she explained on the ITV show. "I'm quite careful."

If you liked this collection of Alison's, check out her previous cheeky series on all the royals, including the Queen.

Or these spoof snaps she created of Donald Trump storming New York, groping bikini models and posing with topless women.

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