Meghan Markle’s brother claims Duchess could move back to California with Prince Harry and Baby Sussex

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry are expecting to welcome their first child any day now, as Royal fans speculate as to when the Duchess will be giving birth.

And while the child looks to be born in the the UK, Meghan's brother Thomas has come forward to reveal he believes it won't be long before the couple consider moving to Los Angeles.

Thomas Jr, 52, thinks that his half-sister the Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry might settle down in Meghan's home city, if she's able to persuade her husband.

Since the prince is thought to be a fan of the United States, having trained with the army in California, it could be possible that the dad-to-be would take a fancy to life in LA.

And as it has already been claimed that the royal couple could be deployed abroad, with Africa already on the cards –  Thomas believes the couple are suited to beach life.

He told the Sunday Express: "It is really easy to fall in love with the California lifestyle; you have the beach as your backyard – who would not like that?

"Once you grow up as a child on the beach, you are always going to go back to it, and Meghan was brought up in this environment. She will always be a Hollywood southern Californian at heart."

Meghan's half-brother noted that the 'sun, fame and Hollywood' were all factors in drawing people to the city, and that includes the Royals.

But if the Duchess can't make it back home, Thomas still thinks that Meghan will try and bring some of her Californian upbringing to her baby's London life.

He added: "I think it's going to have a great impact on the way she raises the new baby. All the joy that was brought into her life, she is going to pass that on."

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