Mom shares at-home ‘Starbucks pink drink’ recipe to make your own fan-favorite on the cheap

STARBUCKS' infamous 'pink drink' sparked such a viral obsession that stores repeatedly sold out of ingredients as eager fans clamored for a sip.

But those who are strapped for cash or time can't stop by a Starbucks and spend $10 on the treat every day.

A mom, whose daughter was obsessed with the Pink Drink, revealed the recipe she has been using to satisfy her sweet tooth without breaking the bank.

Kristen Beamer said in a video: "I have bought and bought things trying to recreate the Pink drink for almost a year.

"You won't believe what I finally found and tastes just like it."

The Starbucks website describes its pink drink as a "strawberry açaí [drink], with accents of passion fruit, combined with creamy coconut milk."

The kitchen-savvy mom then revealed she uses Ocean Spray's White-Cran Strawberry juice for the drink.

"One cup of the White-Cran Strawberry drink, half a cup of unsweetened coconut milk, and give it a shake," she said.

She then added some Strawberry Crisps from the Dollar General store to decorate the drink like they do at Starbucks.

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The good thing about this homemade version of the Pink drink is that it doesn't contain any caffeine, as the Starbucks version does, a plus for kids who love to ask their parents for it.

Beamer also revealed that people could use almond milk instead if coconut milk is not their preferred choice.

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