Mortified mum accidentally turns toddler’s foot ORANGE after epic fake tan fail & parents seriously relate

ONE mum has proven that fake tan fails can literally happen anywhere and to anyone.

We all know how easy it can be to botch your self-tan and most of us have had our fair share of embarrassing blunders resulting in streaky legs or orange-tinted hands.

TikTok user Xanthe Sparkes, however, unknowingly gave her toddler an epic fake tan fail of their own, after realising she'd accidentally put a sock on their foot covered in fake tan.

She had fellow parents in stitches as she shared a video online of her kid in the bath with their toes stained a deep shade of orange on one foot.

"When you put a sock on your toddler not realising there was fake tan on it," she confessed, as she filmed her child's feet in the bath tub.

"Wait for it," she teased, before her toddler kicked up their foot up out of the water to reveal their mum's mishap.

While they didn't seem too fazed with their heavily tanned toes, Xanthe left other TikTok users in hysterics with the video that has been watched hundreds of times.

People flooded Xanthe's video with crying laughing emojis, with one viewer commenting: "Dead."

Another teased: "Ooo no hope he dont have bare foot PE tomorrow (sic)."

Others could relate and confessed to making the exact same less than ideal blunder with their own kids.

One person posted: "Iv done this… (sic)."

Here's hoping it soon faded.

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