Mother-in-law 'tries to POISON bride' at her wedding with cupcake & she could have died

A WEDDING planner has revealed the horror moment a mother-in-law allegedly "tried to poison" the bride at her wedding.

Posting on TikTok, Callie, 25, claimed the groom's mum attempted to feed his new wife a cupcake that could have killed her, sparking a huge row.

In a clip called "mistake or sabotage", Callie explains how the monster-in-law seemingly "tried to get the bride sent to the HOSPITAL on her wedding day".

"Everything starts off completely normal," she claims. "There was a note on my paperwork that says 'bride severely allergic to coconut'.

"Obviously the pastry shop knew that, the cake didn't have any coconut, we were good to go."

But during cocktail hour, in between the ceremony and the reception dinner, Callie noticed an unscheduled delivery of cupcakes – in addition to the "beautiful three-tiered wedding cake" she had organised.

She claims: "The mother of the groom says 'oh I ordered them. I just wanted to make sure everybody had enough dessert'. Alright, that's really not that unusual."

But it was after the cake cutting that things took a dark turn.

According to Callie: "The groom's mum says 'oh hi, bride's name. Why don't you try one of these cupcakes?'

"As she's raising it to her mouth, groom stops her and goes 'Mum you know she's allergic'."

Apparently, the cupcake was "covered in coconut" and the bride was "severely deadly allergic".

Callie adds: "Thankfully the groom noticed and didn't let her eat it."

After the awkward outburst, Callie says there was "at least 15 seconds of dead air". She adds: "Nobody in the room moved.

"The groom is staring open-mouthed at his mum. The bride looks absolutely horrified and scared, I would be too.

"And the mother of the groom, who literally just tried to POISON her future daughter-in-law, looks like she could not have less of a care in the world.

"Then the s*** hits the fan. The groom loses his mind, throws down the cupcake he just took from the bride.

"Goes red in the face and just starts screaming at his mum: 'you are a terrible person, you have never been supportive of this relationship, this is a new low even for you. You could have sent her to the hospital. She literally could have gone into anaphylactic shock'."

Callie alleges the groom continued to rant, until his mum turns to him and calmly says: "Accidents happen every day dear."

She adds: "Then this bitch goes back to her seat, gets her belongings and leaves the wedding. 110 per cent a sociapath."

In the comments, she adds: "It was SO UNNERVING."

Commenting on the clip, horrified people said: "Oh she was absolutely trying to murder the bride."

Others warned of the "accidents happen" jibe, speculating: "That was a promise she'd try again" and said: "That couple need to change the locks on their home."

Some warned the bride to "cut contact" and file a "civil lawsuit" – as well as praising the groom for standing up to his mum.

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