Mrs Hinch fans share easy way to get rid of washing machine ‘sludge’ which was covering clothes & it’s totally FREE

THERE'S nothing more annoying than putting your clothes in the washing machine and having them come out more dirty tahn tehy went in.

That's exactly the problem one confused woman was having with her machine.

The Facebook user took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page to ask for help from other keen clean queens.

She said: “My washing machine keeps leaving small bits of black sludge-like bits all over my washing.

“My landlady got a repair man out and he said there’s nothing wrong with it.”

She attempted to solve the problem with washing machine cleaner and a dishwasher tablet but was completely stumped.

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She said: “I’m so stuck as it’s ruining my clothes and bedding. At my wits end with the machine.”

Fellow Mrs Hinch fans were quick to jump in with suggestions for the frustrated woman.

One person said: “Mine was doing this and I had to pull the draw fully out.


“It was a bit stiff and I was scared of breaking it but I was sick of the sludge.

“Once I had cleaned behind the draw it stopped. Hope this helps."

Another said: “A washing machine of mine used to do this until I found it was inside the seal, not the bit you can see but inside where the rubber meets the metal drum, as if it’s coming from the outside of the drum.”

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While a third agreed: “Check the rubber seal where the door shuts into, and wipe it out.

“Otherwise, soda crystals on a 90° wash should solve it.”

Another person chipped in that soda crystals could be the solution. She said: “Use soda crystals in an empty machine on the hottest wash.

“I use crystals and powder now in my drum two or three times a week, and I swapped to powder as pods leave slime residue.”

While another proposed baking soda as the solution to the perplexing problem.

She said: “The underside of the drum is probably covered in it, usually caused by the liquid detergent and low temperature washes.

“I find I have to do days’ worth of long hot washes (90 degrees) with just bicarb and it slowly starts to reduce. To limit in the future, do the same really hot wash every few weeks.”

While another person had the same problem but found a simple product to help.

She said: “I have the same issue. I live in a soft water area and it’s a combination of soft water and fabric conditioner.

“I bought some industrial washing machine cleaning sachets from Whirlpool and use once a month on a hot wash cycle…AMAZING!! No more sludge blobs on my washing!”

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