Mrs Hinch fans use toilet rolls to make their curtains hang straight – and people are saving up loo rolls to try it

MRS Hinch fans are proudly sharing the secret to getting their curtains to hang straight – and all you need is a few loo rolls.

Inspired by the cleaning sensation Sophie Hinchliffe, aka Mrs Hinch, people are sharing incredible before-and-after shots of their curtains.

They revealed they’re stashing loo rolls in between the pleats to make the material hang straight, achieving perfect folds.

To recreate the look all you need to do is save up your empty toilet rolls.

You can either take the curtains off entirely and put a tube between each eyelet, or cut down the tube length-ways and wrap it around the curtain pole.

After finally managing to re-hang her curtains, one woman posted snaps of her handiwork to Mrs Hinch Cleanings Tips.

She said: “Is there anything more satisfying than the toilet roll tube trick?

“How did I think my curtains were acceptable before this??”

Fellow Hinch fans praised her handiwork, as they admitted they’re saving up their loo rolls to have enough for all their curtains.

But if you wanted to speed things up, some people revealed they’re even using kitchen rolls as well.

 One person said: “Wow.
That’s actually very clever and looks great. Fab job

Another wrote: “I’m moving house soon and can’t wait to try this out on my curtains.

"Toilet rolls being saved in preparation!”

A third said: “Seen this a few weeks ago. I'm currently saving up my toilet roll tube holders.”

This person revealed: “I used kitchen roll tube as well.”

And someone else added:  “I’m in the process of saving loo rolls can’t
wait to do it.”

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