Mrs Hinch says £8 buy is a ‘game changer’ for making tea but admits her husband ‘thinks I’ve lost it’

IF THERE'S one way to start a raging debate – it's by asking a room full of Brits how to make the perfect cuppa.

We all feel passionately about the milk to water ratio, the steeping time and even the type of teabag, but now Mrs Hinch is having her say.

Queen of Clean Sophie Hinchcliffe took to Instagram to share her savvy hack for the perfect cup of tea and you can do with same with one cheeky gadget.

In the video Mrs Hinch can be seen using a portable "map tap" – £8 on Amazon – that she inserts into the top of the milk bottle so she doesn't have to lift and tilt the milk to pour it.

She said: "Jamie [my husband] thinks I’ve lost it! Trace sent me a video of these and I’ve been obsessed ever since so I found them on Amazon.”

You don't just need to use the taps on milk, you can pop them on the top of any bottle of drink.

Mrs Hinch said: "You pop 2 batteries in the top compartment and then put it into the milk! Or any sort of drink I guess. Actually I need to buy more!!"

She then pressed her mug – with a teabag and hot water – against the tap and the milk was neatly dispensed, creating the perfect cuppa.

If you want one, you better snap it up quick, before Mrs Hinch goes back for more!

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