Mum asks if she should shave again after her husband began complaining . . . but do YOU think he has a point?

While it’s a commonly-held belief men like a clean shaven lady, many women are deciding to go au natural.

But one woman has asked for advice after her husband complained over her shaving routine following the birth of their child.

Posting a thread on Mumsnet, she explained that she was 31, had been with her partner for nearly 14 years and they had an almost two-year-old daughter.

She began by detailing what her hair removal routine used to be, saying: “Underarms – most days, might get a bit stubbly if I left it for a few.

“Legs – only really bothered for a night out, so maybe shaved once a month.

“Vag – never. Or maybe once or twice as an experiment, never liked it, hate the feeling, find it uncomfortable plus too much faff.”

When she fell pregnant, she said all sexual activity stopped, and due to issues like morning sickness and the physical logistics, she stopped shaving and never resumed it.

While still doing so for the odd night out, they’re extremely rare now they have a child.

She said: “My solitary baths when I could quickly do my underarms are long gone, DD [darling daughter] baths with me so no razors in the bath, and when I do get the odd solitary bath I cba with how long it would take as underarms now a good inch long.

“I just don't care anymore, even as much as I used to, about what people think. If I go swimming or to the beach, I don’t feel the need to de-hair first.”

But her partner has repeatedly voiced his opinion on the situation.

She wrote: “My issue is dh [dear husband] has brought up me not shaving a few times and I feel very uncomfortable about him doing that.

“After an argument once he said, as part of a rant about how I don’t care, 'you don’t even shave your legs anymore', quickly followed up by 'not that that's important, but it just shows that you don’t care’ . .  .

“I was never in the permanently-hairless-legs crew, ever, and in any case the reason I had reduced the number of leg shaves was because I had reduced the numbers of nights out, end of!

“The other day, he was giving me a foot massage and commented 'whoa, how hairy are your legs?!'

"I think I responded with a . . .  'quite hairy', and he followed up with 'what about your armpits? Have you shaved those lately?' Or similar.

“He has also said several times in the past that he prefers a shaven vag.”

She ended by asking if she was being unreasonable to choose how she looked “without reference to him”, and what others did.

With more than 600 responses to her question, opinion has been mixed, with some people saying it was entirely her decision, some saying it’s nice to take your partner’s preferences into consideration, while people warned their relationship may be on the rocks.

One person suggested: “I think the word ‘attractive’ is the key here.

"It’s important to feel comfortable around our partners, but there’s a line on both sides where ‘comfortable’ can become ‘unattractive’.

“I think when there is a loss of attraction in a relationship, it can be a slippery slope.

“There has to be some compromise on the comfortable vs attractive in a relationship, putting too little (or too much) effort into looks on both sides can cause issues.”

This person thought: “Tell him you want him to keep clean shaven and in return you will shave your pits and legs.

“If he wants a smooth pubic area, so do you. Tell him to get manscaping.”

Another said: “My thinking is that you used to shave now and again, now it's not at all.

“Maybe when your DH [dear husband] and you first met and fell in love, he PREFERRED the shaved you, but loved you anyway so was ok with the occasionally unshaved.

“Now it's permanently unshaved … and he's struggling.”

One person replied: “Of course it's up to you. But I think taking your partner's preferences into consideration is a nice thing to do.”

And this person replied: “I think you absolutely do need to talk to him .

“What were his reasons for not having sex with you when you were pregnant.

“Have you told him you found him more attractive when he made more of an effort?

“It sounds like you're carrying a lot a resentment around with you and this is your way of making a point.”

And another person sympathised, saying: “I totally think you can do what you want with your own body hair I don’t think women should feel under pressure to shave if they don’t want to.

"But I feel that this is more about attitude than choice which means I can see your dh [dear husband] point as well.”

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