Mum blasts husband after he tells doctor to 'stitch her up tight' just hours after giving birth

A HORRIFIED mother has blasted her husband after he told her doctor to "stitch it her up tight" just hours after she gave birth to their child.

Posting on Reddit's "Am I the A*****?" forum, the woman revealed how she'd been left mortified by the ill-advised joke – and is struggling to let it go.

Like a lot of women, the anonymous poster – who welcomed her first child three days ago – experienced a small vaginal tear during the birth.

She wrote: "After I gave birth, the resident OB had to stitch me up for mild perineal tearing.

"My husband was with him and joked to the doctor, 'Make sure to stitch her up tight'."

Unsurprisingly,, the woman was left furious by the remark and recalls how the doctor "just ignored him but the nurse looked appalled."

The woman added: "I told him, 'Don't be an ass', in front of everyone. He was very embarrassed."

What's more, the woman says that her husband "got mad at ME for calling him out."

Defending his "harmless joke", the new father then accused his wife of "overreacting."

In response, the woman told him that she "didn't need this kind of drama" and says the argument has caused a "fracture" between them since they arrived home with their newborn.

Describing how they "haven't had a full conversation since before the labour", the woman's husband has also accused his wife of "being way too sensitive" and claims she's "acting like a b****".

After they left he got mad at ME for calling him out. He said I was overreacting to a harmless joke. I told him that I didn't need this kind of drama

Despite her husband's comments, other users have been quick to rally around the new mum and claim her husband is to blame.

Pointing out that the "husband stitch" is a real procedure where "doctors will add an extra unnecessary stitch to the vaginal opening to make it more pleasurable for [men], one user warned: "It can cause so many issues for women."

Speaking from experience, another added: "I had a male doc for my last delivery… I was stitched so tight and now sex is agony."

Another replied: "Your husband is being unreasonable and petty. He was being kinda gross about your intimate area in front of healthcare professionals and calling him out wasn't wrong to do."

Listing all the ways her husband had behaved badly, another added: "A***** move 1: making a really gross misogynistic joke in the first place.

"A***** move 2: not immediately realising it was a bad move and apologising when the temp of the room dropped.

"A***** move 3: doubling down on the joke with his wife. How hard is it to just say "yeah my bad I thought it was funny at the time"? He'd lose nothing."

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