Mum & daughter give each other bikini waxes – as another woman artificially inseminates her daughter on sMothered

THINK you are close to your mum? A mother and daughter duo have revealed they regularly give each other full Brazilian waxes in their very tight-knit relationship. 

Karla and Rykia, from Alabama, are one of six sets of mums and daughters starring in the third series of TLC reality series sMothered, airing on May 31.

The new line-up has six new members, as well as six returning stars from previous seasons.

The trailer has been released and looks as over-the-top as ever, with one mum revealing she artificially inseminates her daughter and another saying she shares underwear with hers.

But is there such a thing as being too close?!

Here are the mums and daughters who claim their bond has no boundaries….

Karla and Rykia 

It doesn’t get much closer than giving each other Brazilian waxes, like Karla and her daughter Rykia.

In the new clip, Rykia says: “My mother and I have been waxing each other for quite some time now.”

In one scene, Karla can be seen on all fours, while her dedicated daughter waxes her behind until it is as “smooth as a baby.”

Karla says of her daughter: “She's the first person I see when I wake up and the person I see when I lay down.”

Amy and Carina    

Mum and daughter duo Amy and Carina, from Hawaii, have joint showers, sleep in the same bed and even swap underwear.

In the trailer, a producer can be heard asking: “Can you tell whose underwear it is by a sniff test?” to which Carina says “no”, but Amy replies “yes”.

The pair are so close they think they knew each other in a past life, and are bonded over their love of animals, having 11 pets, including two Great Danes and eight ducks.  

Amy says: “My life without my daughter would be like taking all of the colors out of a rainbow.”

Lisa and Lauren 

Lisa and Lauren are so close they FaceTime when they take baths, have sleepovers and wax each other moustaches. 

In fact, they act more like sisters than mother and daughter. 

Lauren says of mum Lisa: “I was put on this Earth for her, and she was put on this Earth for me.”

Lauren is married to Laura Leigh, who even jokes that she is “married into a polygamous relationship. I'm married to you and your mother.”

Lauren and Laura have been trying to conceive for two years, and Lauren reveals that she wants her mum to artificially inseminate her at home – to the frustration of Laura.

Lisa says: “I gave her life, so now I get to put it inside of her.”

Lauren later admits to Laura: “I laid on the bed and mum inseminated me,” to which her wife hits back: “That's freaking weird! I feel like a third wheel in our marriage.”

Sunhe and Angelica 

One of the returning pairs is Sunhe and her daughter Angelica – who say they are closer than ever. 

Angelica admits that her mum has put a strain on her relationship with fiance Jason, but says: “No one means more to me than my mum.”

Tensions rise as Sunhe is invited to live with the couple when they are engaged and expecting a baby, but she refuses to move out.

A frustrated Jason says: “I invited Sunhe to move in with us for a little while. I didn't mean forever.”

When Jason asks Angelica if she is getting cold feet about their upcoming wedding, Sunhe answers for her saying: “We'll have a discussion and let you know.”

Dawn and Cher

Fans of the show may recall Dawn and Cher who look and dress alike.

In the new trailer, Cher gushes: “My mom's my twin, like we're the same.”

The pandemic separated Dawn from her beloved daughter and granddaughter Bella, but they were later able to reunite in Florida and are closer than ever.

Dawn even tries a “breast milk facial”, courtesy of her lactating daughter. 

When Cher plans to relocate permanently to Florida with husband Jared, Cher comes up with a plan to convince them to stay. 

Kathy and Cristina 

Another returning pair are Italian duo Kathy and Cristina from Chicago who do “literally everything together” to the annoyance of Cristina’s husband Carlo.

In this series mum Kathy is unhappy at Cristina pulling away with the opening of her and Carlo’s new family pizzeria. 

In one scene, Kathy yells at her daughter: “Everything I try to do, nothing ever makes you happy!”

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