Mum mortified as she takes on parents race at her kids sports day & has an epic fail… despite being the fastest by miles | The Sun

A MUM was left mortified after executing the ultimate sports day fail… but people have hailed her “great recovery”.

Becky Oman was at her son’s school sports day when she decided to compete in the traditional “parent’s race”.

Schools put on the quick sprint to allow mums and dads to get involved in the competition. 

But Becky’s decision to participate saw her stage an epic fail. 

When half-way down the track – and sprinting ahead of everyone else – Becky went tumbling forward.

She was going so quick that the fall saw her skid across the grass and perform an accidental roly-poly. 

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The mum, from Scotland, shared the hilarious blunder which was caught on camera on TikTok.

People flocked to the comments to weigh in and offer some comfort.

“My kids would be moved school the next day,” one mum joked.

“I’m dying,” someone else laughed. “You were doing so well too!”

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Others praised her “great recovery” and dedication to get up and start running again.

Luckily for Becky, she isn't alone in the blunder as people shared similar instances they had seen and experienced.

“See… I'm not the only one to stack it on the mum's race,” one mum laughed.

“This happened years ago but in the Nanny’s race,” someone else commented. “Several went flying.

“They banned it for the following years.”

Becky’s video has totted up 75k views since it was uploaded last week.

Last year, a single mum went viral for accidentally flashing to the entire field when she toppled down on her child's school's "parents race".

Katie Hannaford accidentally flashed her knickers when her embarrassing fall saw her dress flip up.

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