Mum shares her colour coded lunch box hacks which stops her kids snacking – and other parents love it

A MUM has shared her brilliant hack to stop her kids eating too much junk food in the quarantine. 

As she’s no longer making school lunchboxes, she came up with a novel way of giving her kids treats and snacks amid the coronavirus lockdown.

She sets out different coloured baskets – one for each child – and fills it at the beginning of the day with their snacks. 

The mum-of-three claimed it stops her kids needlessly eating junk food while at home all day, and helps them manage their appetite and once the treats are gone, they don’t get any more. 

Explaining her method, she shared a snap of the baskets to Facebook, saying: "I keep seeing these posts about kiddos wanting to eat all day while they are quarantined at home. 

It makes them stop and think, ‘Do I really need a snack?

“This was my solution!

“Each child has their own colored snack basket. 

“In the morning I put their snacks in it for the day, when those snacks are gone they don’t get any more. 

“It makes them stop and think, ‘Do I really need a snack?' 

“I also put their cup for the day in there because I’m not washing 50 cups a day! Hahaha!”

Mums have gone wild for her idea, with some claiming they need a basket for themselves. 

One woman said: “Fantastic idea, I need one for myself. I can't stop eating junk food.” 

Another wrote: “I saw this post earlier, my kids would empty them within the hour then still complain all day ha.”

 A third commented: “Going to do this, brilliant idea.”

This mum added: “We did this today! Worked really well. 

“Although my 5 year old snuck a chocolate bar out the cupboard and ate it secretly in the bedroom, I had no idea til I found the wrapper.” 

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