Mum shares pic of her ‘relieved’ face after pushing out what she thought was a poop – only to realise it was her baby

A FIRST-time mum has shared blissful photos of her 'relieved' face after pushing out what she thought was a big number two – only to realise it was her baby.

Billie Ward, who now has daughter Arete, had been told it was unlikely she would give birth on her due date, so was convinced the she only needed the bathroom and took herself off to the loo.

Yet after the 22-year-old had been in pain and straining for around an hour, she called 999 and an operator informed her she was most likely giving birth.

However even after her mum Liesa Allcock and husband Josh, 24, had a 'look', the trio remained unsure as Billie's waters had still not broken – but within moments of paramedics arriving she gave birth.

The full-time student shared photos of her face with a blissful expression of 'sheer relief' after the birth, with toilet right behind her and the paramedic tending to her baby on towels.

Now Billie is sharing her story to urge mums-to-be not to put off going to hospital for too long – unless they want a home birth.

Billie, from Bridgnorth, Shropshire, said: "I called 999 and said 'I'm really sorry to ring you. I'm due to give birth but I do think it might be a poo'.

"[The call handler] just said 'you're going to have to get off the toilet because I don't think it's going to be a poo'.

"I was going to the toilet, being sick and trying to push this poo out.

"My mum took so many photos. There's some where I'm thinking 'oh my god, what is happening? This is not a poo, this is a baby'.

"My message [to other mums] would be 'listen to your body'. Your body is doing what it's meant to do. It will take over.

"People get so overwhelmed but your body is an amazing thing. Let it take its course.

"Don't go to hospital too early – but definitely don't leave it too late. It's a mess you don't want to be cleaning up. The number of towels we went through was insane.

"It was the most amazing experience of my life – so much so I'm planning a second home birth.

"It's a good story to tell when Arete's older."

Body positivity activist Billie had been expecting to be induced in early February, after midwives warned little Arete would likely come late.

Despite still going on a shopping trip with her friend on January 22, she began to feel some pains and later that night, they worsened to 'extreme' period-type pains.

Billie said: "[The day before the birth] I had a few pains at 5am. There was nothing too abnormal but I'd been having these pains for a few days.

"I was also booked in for a sweep on the day, but the midwife had said 'oh no, your cervix isn't favourable. You've got to shorten it and you're not going to have your baby on your due date'.

"At 6pm that night I was having period-type pains, it wasn't abnormal or anything that concerned me."

After ringing the maternity unit to be on the safeside, she remained at home as her waters hadn't broken so still assumed she was not giving birth.

After Josh went to sleep, Billie soon found herself in agony – but was still convinced she just needed the toilet.

Billie said: "I came downstairs at 3.45am. I was biting down on the sofa because I could feel this pain and genuinely thought it was a poo.

"By this point, no waters had broken. Every time I pushed, I thought 'I don't know what that was'. I'd never had a baby.

"She came out in her sack and my waters didn't break. That's why I couldn't understand why it didn't feel like a head.

"I got in the bath around 4am and I realised I was bleeding a bit."

Soon after Billie was forced to call an ambulance – but she still wasn't sure if she was in full labour.

It was only when she was on the phone being coached by call handlers that she was told to 'go for it' if she needed to push.

Billie said: "I rang 999 at 4.45am, it was not okay. I was biting down and scratching myself because I was in so much pain.

"My mum [Liesa Allcock, 45] had four C-sections so she'd never had a contraction either.

"I said to the ambulance woman 'I'm not sure, this could be a poo. But I'm in a lot of pain'.

"My husband said 'do you want me to take you to hospital?' They said 'let her stay at home where she is'. It's not great living in the middle of nowhere.

"My husband rang my mum and said 'I think she's giving birth' and she rushed over. Luckily, she only lives down the road so she drove up.

"I asked Josh to look and he said 'no, there's nothing there' and my mum said 'I can feel something but it doesn't feel like a head'.

"The paramedics said 'keep yourself calm. If you need to push, just go for it'."

The medical team arrived at 5.05am and found Billie on her bathroom floor with her worried mum, before little baby Arete arrived at 5.10am.

Billie said: "The woman ran up the stairs and said 'if you give one push, the baby's going to be here'.

"She gave me gas and air after I gave birth as my body was in shock, I was shaking.

"Because of how quickly I went into labour, my waters didn't break. My body wasn't prepared.

"The paramedic just pulled the sac away from her. Apparently, it's quite lucky to have a baby on their due date and still in their sac.

"The first thing Josh said was 'I think I need to get a coffee'. I think he was in so much shock.

"He was like 'oh my god, what has just happened in my bathroom. I've been awake 10 minutes'."

Since her surprise labour, Billie has developed an even stronger appreciation for her body – and is now expecting baby number two in February.

She has now shared the striking pictures her mum took in the chaotic moments after little Arete was born, showing the 'sheer relief' painted all over her glowing face.

Soon after, Billie was rushed to Princess Royal Hospital in Telford where she was stitched up and home in the same day.

Billie said: "I was much calmer than I thought I was going to be.

"It's reiterated the message that women are incredible. It was such a nice thing to put on my Instagram – the response was so lovely.

"It was surreal. I was always planning on having a hospital birth, having my make-up on and looking pretty.

"When my mum came and said 'let's take some photos', I didn't feel any pain, I felt the relief it had gone and the stress of wondering when the baby would be here [had gone].

"It was the sheer relief that everything was okay. Having Arete in my arms was so nice. I was in such a strange place but I remember hearing her cry.

"My mum said 'she's okay, she's fine' and the paramedic said 'she's beautiful, she's happy and healthy'. It was such a rush."

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