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NOW the weather’s turning cold and wet, we’re all scrambling to find ways to dry our clothes indoors. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared her hacks online – and you won’t need to use your tumble dryer. 

Karen, known online as @themiddleagedblogger, often shares home decorating, cleaning, and gardening hacks with her 4,300 followers.

In one of her latest videos, the content creator shares how she dries her clothes indoors, and without massively bumping up her energy bills. 

All her followers need are clothes hooks from Amazon, a £4 underwear airer from B&M, and a dehumidifier.

“Laundry drying hacks without the energy cost of a tumble dryer.” 

“Clothes hooks from Amazon. Underwear hanger from B&M. 


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“Dehumidifier sucks out the water.” 

In the 17-second video, the savvy mum can be seen placing her clothes on hangers and then hanging them on metal hooks that are attached to the wall. 

These are available from various retailers, including Amazon, and start at just £5.99. 

She then places all her underwear on a peg airer. This is available from B&M and costs just £4.  

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The money-saver then places her dehumidifier in front of the clothes, which helps to dry them. 

Fans loved the hack, with the video gaining more than 99,000 views in two days. 

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In the comments, followers thanked the savvy mum for sharing her hack and gave their own reviews of her use of a dehumidifier. 

One wrote: “Best dehumidifier we’ve ever had! Bought for the conservatory but added bonus was the clothes drying button!” 

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Another said: “Just changed over to a heat pump dryer – amazing. Just bought, quite [an] expensive outlay, but well worth it. Don’t use much electric.” 

One asked how much cheaper it was to use the dehumidifier over the tumble dryer. The content creator replied: “Last week it cost me just under £1. I leave the dehumidifier on and [I] don’t really notice the meter jumping up much.”

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