Mum stops her baby crying in seconds using simple head scratcher you can buy for under £2 – The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she is able to stop her baby from crying in mere seconds with the help of a head scratcher.

Courtney White, from the US, took to Facebook where she shared a video of her son instantly quieten down as she uses the device on him.

In the clip the infant can be seen lying on the bed grizzling as his mum approaches with the scalp massager.

Within seconds of her applying pressure to his head the baby stops crying and giggles, screwing up his face in delight.

Captioning the footage, Courtney wrote: “My son loves a good head scratch.”

The video has since gone viral, having received almost six million views and hundreds of comments from fellow parents eager to try the trick themselves.

  • Scalp massager, £1.66, Amazon – buy here

One wrote: “OMG I have to find ours cause that’s the cutest thing ever lol.”

“I’m gonna try” another added, while a third wrote, “omg I love that.”

The simply device is made up of 12 prongs that target pressure points to release tension on your head  and can be picked up on Amazon for as little as £1.66.

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