Mum who told her 12-year-old son she couldn’t get him a PS5, teases him by buying one & hiding it in plain sight at home

A MUM who told her 12-year-old son she couldn’t buy him a PS5 has been pranking him by buying and hiding it in plain sight around the house. 

Generous mum Helen Child Villiers, from Monmouthshire, said her boy had been desperate for the new console but had “taken it in his stride” when she told him he couldn’t have one. 

Taking to Facebook she wrote: “So I’ve decided to have a little fun with it taking photos of it doing things and where possible with him in the background. 

“Please enjoy the photos. I can’t wait till Christmas Day!!”

Single mum Helen shared comical pictures of the console being placed in the same room as her son without his knowledge. 

People have been highly entertained by her funny prank and said he will love the joke on Christmas Day. 

Helen, who helps to offer a subsidised counselling service for Monmouthshire residents, said that she had wanted to treat her son as he had been “beyond amazing this year”.

She added that she had some money going spare after a holiday got refunded. 

Helen said her son has been an “all round superstar”, and recently won a scholarship to private school and got a distinction in his singing exam.

People were quick to praise her heartwarming idea, with one writing: “Love these! I hope you and your son have a wonderful Christmas! (playing video games!”

Another added: “Brilliant well done mumma he is going to be so happy I think it’s amazing can’t wait to see follow up pics.”

A third wrote: "This is amazing xxx."

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