Mums are using their FREEZERS to cut down on the washing as they use them to clean everything from jeans to tights

WORKING your way through that mountain of laundry can be both tedious and boring, so we're all for cutting corners when it comes to doing the washing.

Turns out that there's one kitchen appliance that will help you save plenty of time when it comes to the laundry, with mums now using their freezers to complete the chore.

You heard us right – freezing your clothes, including jeans and tights, can not only save you time and reduce your washing load, but it can be beneficial to your wardrobe too.

One mum, Chantel Mila, shared the savvy freezer hack on TikTok and teased: "Your favourite laundry appliance is in your kitchen."

She took three items of clothing to fold and freeze, including a pair of jeans which she placed into a plastic box and popped in the freezer for one hour.

"Refresh your jeans: Freeze for 1 hour to remove odours and reduce fading from over-washing," Chantel explained.

Taking a fluffy sweater, she then revealed that freezing it helps to prevent it from shedding.

By freezing for around an hour, it tightens the fibres within the sweater keeping them intact.

Her freezing trick means you'll never have to worry about laddering your tights again, either.

She rolls up her tights and pops them in the freezer, as doing so strengthens the fabric and prevents it from pulling.

Hundreds of fellow cleaning fans liked Chantel's video, with one person commenting: "Love your vids."

With over 260k followers online, she has become known for her cleaning and organising hacks and recently shared a video that revealed how to remove stains from white clothes using just a denture tablet.

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