Mums blast 'completely naked’ lace-up dress as an 'accident waiting to happen'

This dress from American retailer Dress Lily was one step too far for one mum, who slammed the revealing number as an "accident waiting to happen".

The frock, which is currently on sale at £13.19, gained attention online for appearing to have more cut-outs than material with its unusual lace-up design.

The front and back pieces are held together by a black string, revealing the entire back and left bum cheek of its wearer.

Shocked by the dress, the mum took to parenting website Mumsnet to voice her outrage, and asked fellow parents if she was being unreasonable in criticising the number.

But many other users have replied, agreeing with her comment that the supposedly 'sexy' body-con is impractical, with women comparing it to "a joint of pork tied with a string".

One mum pointed out: "There is absolutely no underwear you could use! Everyone would know you're completely naked. One wrong move and you'd unravel completely!"

Another added: "I've got pants with more material that that – no wonder it's so cheap – it's only half a dress."

Some mums saw the funny side, with one saying: "You know if you squish playdoh through a tennis racket? That's what I'd look like in that dress!"

Another said: "The grief you would get going out in that – no knickers and sneaky guys trying to undo it the whole night."

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