Mum’s incredible baby bathing hack will change the game for bathtime & helps you deal with any ‘accidents’ in the tub

PEOPLE are calling this mum ‘genius’ for her super simple – and cheap – baby bathing hack. 

Mum Kayla shared this adorable video of her seven-month-old’s bath time routine, and she’s gone totally viral for her clever bath time ideas.

Instead of using an expensive baby bath or placing her baby son in an adult-sized tub, Kayla gets the best of both worlds using this household item.

By putting a clothing basket into the bath tub, Kayla makes life much easier for herself during her baby’s bath time.

She explains that her clothing basket bathing method is great for five different reasons.

Firstly, she says, you can put a towel in the basket along with the baby, and this will “help keep them warm”.

She explains: “We put the warm towel over his legs, then constantly pour more warm water over it.”

The second brilliant advantage to keeping the baby in a basket is that any “accidents” can be easily cleaned up, as the basket can simply be lifted out of the tub, without the whole tub getting dirty.

Importantly, she also points out that if the baby is playing with their toys inside the basket, the toys can’t float away.

This way, the baby stays entertained with their toys close to hand. 

Plus, because the basket is small enough for the baby to hold on to the sides, they can sit up, kick, and splash more easily.

Some commenters were totally obsessed with the hack, with the video racking up over 400,000 likes on Tiktok.

“I used to do this with my son! Them blow up baths are expensive an this works just as well”, wrote one impressed commenter.

Another wrote: “Why didn’t I see your video a few weeks earlier! Now I already bought a bath seat… but this thing is so much more cuteeeee”

Even experienced mums were impressed with the technique.

“I’ve had five children and never thought of this! Brilliant”, said one mum, while another commented, “I”m gonna do this with my third omg. I hate the baby baths. Thank you so much!”

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