Mum's snap of dirty mattress sees women share their top tips to clean stubborn stains – from vinegar to eucalyptus oil

However, members of a Facebook group have come to the aid of a mum who shared a snap of a stain on the hard-to-clean bedroom item.

She posted the picture of her dirty mattress to cleaning-related Facebook group, and members rushed to give her their helpful suggestions.

One person wrote: "Make a paste of bicarb and vinegar and paint it on. Let it dry and vacuum off."

Bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar – a highly-effective natural cleaning duo – can cost as little as 69p and 39p from major supermarkets.

Another user suggested she try dabbing on hot water mixed with eucalyptus oil, while a third put forward Napisan Non Biological Stain Remover.

She explained: "So I have made up a paste of Napisan, coated it on super thick and let it dry out in the sun, I then rinsed well repeatedly with a wet cloth and it came up wonderfully.

Many people also recommended investing in the BISSELL SpotClean Portable Spot Cleaner – currently available for £129 on Amazon.

It is unclear which cleaning method she used, but the woman said she'd be buying a mattress protector so it didn't happen again in the future.

We recently told you how the distilled malt vinegar you can buy in most shops is an ideal cleaner.

That's because it is a naturally hostile environment to germs.

As well as removing sink and kettle limescale, it can get smoke smells out of your sofa and make-up stains out of your cream carpet.

Indeed, yesterday a mum revealed how vinegar turned her crusty kettle as good as new within seconds.

She said: “Last thing at night when no one will need the kettle fill it with half white vinegar and half water.

“Unplug it and move it away from its normal spot, put a little reminder on it to make sure no one boils the vinegar solution in the middle of the night and attempts to make a cup of tea with it!

“Leave to soak overnight and in the morning rinse it out REALLY REALLY well.

“You might also want to do a dummy boil of clean water to thoroughly ensure that any trace of vinegar is removed.”

Earlier this month, Instagram stars like Mrs Hinch revealed their best secret cleaning tips.

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