My baby weighed over a stone at four months old – people say I feed her too much but it's genetics

A MUM whose baby weighed over a stone at four months said it was totally down to genetics despite trolls accusing her of eating too much.

Soli often shares video of her adorable ten-month-old Lily on TikTok who has grown a huge fan base thanks to her ‘chubbs.’

But while the majority of the messages Soli receives are overwhelmingly positive, the mum is sometimes the target of trolls who accused her of overfeeding her baby.

One cruel viewer wrote: “The baby is all well I don’t want to use the F word but that’s what the baby is because the babies getting too much food. (sic).”

“She is way over weight,” another wrote.

However, Soli said that her baby’s size is entirely down to ‘genetics and breastmilk’ in a video that has since received over 15 million views and in recent months the tot has begun to lose some of ‘her chunk’.

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Plenty of Lily’s fans also stepped in to defend the mum.

One commented: “Don't listen to the negative people on here your baby is health n happy that's all that matters n she is beautiful.”

“You can’t diet a 4 month old they eat when they're hungry and then use all that stored dat and energy to grow,” said another.

What is normal weight gain for a baby?

Usually your baby will gain weight most rapidly in the first 6 to 9 months.

Their rate of growth will gradually slow down as they become a toddler and are more active.

If your baby or toddler is ill, their weight gain may slow down for a while. It will usually return to normal within 2 to 3 weeks.

Source: NHS

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