My boyfriend embarrassed me during Thanksgiving – he told my family he hated their cooking but that’s not the worst part

THANKSGIVING can bring people together but it can also create the biggest fights of the year.

For this couple, it seems like celebrating Thanksgiving together might cause them to break up.

A 22-year-old woman took to Reddit after her disastrous family gathering to ask if her 29-year-old boyfriend's behavior during the whole thing was break up-worthy.

"We've been together since January, so about 10 months. He kind of has a pattern of being weird or childish in situations involving food.

"I found myself very embarrassed by how he acted at Thanksgiving with my family today, and want to know if I'm being too harsh or dramatic."

She then began to explain just what about his behavior was so bad.

"The first thing was that when my mom was about to start preparing the turkey for roasting, he stuck his hand inside it and pulled out the little bag with the giblets. She asked what he was doing. He asked if he could give them to the dog. She said no, they don't feed him anything besides dog food as they don't want him learning to beg when they're eating.

"He then got a knife and fork and started dissecting bits of the giblets on the counter, staring at them close up and touching them. I had to remind him to wash his hands. All the while my mom, brother, brother's girlfriend, and myself are trying to actually get stuff cooked. He doesn't offer or ask if he can help at all and just hovers around picking at things and being in the way. I could tell my mom was annoyed."

She then revealed that when it was time to eat, he would comment out loud on the foods he didn't like.

Instead of saying no thanks, he would comment things like "eww I hate gravy" and "this stuffing has onions, onions are gross."

"My family definitely noticed. They looked uncomfortable. My mom even offered to make additional food if he wanted something else in particular," the girlfriend continued.

"He said he was fine with what was there, but then hardly ate anything. My mom felt bad afterward and I had to reassure her it wasn't her fault at all."

But things didn't end there. The exasperated girlfriend said that at the end of the meal, her boyfriend stood up from the table and disappeared.

Her dad also got up and found him doing what he was told not to do: feeding the dog the giblets of the turkey.

He was also scraping leftovers into the dog's bowl.

"He was explicitly told not to feed him people food and then did it in secret like a child… and even got caught like a child? I have never seen another adult do something like that," she wrote.

"Then, back at the table for dessert, he loaded his plate with 2-3x as many sweets as everyone else took on the first time they were being passed around. Ninety percent of what he ate was dessert.

"When clean-up time came, everyone including my elderly grandparents volunteered to help except him. I had to ask him. He did a half-a**ed job, and kept 'inspecting' the turkey carcass, pulling bones apart and making a mess of it.

"My dad (irritated from the earlier thing with the dog I now know) snapped at him to either put it in the fridge or leave it alone."

Scolded, the boyfriend then went back to the dining room to eat more pie while everyone else cleaned.

"Overall I am majorly embarrassed by his behavior. I feel like the mom of a little kid, except a kid wouldn't know better. I shouldn't have to correct the behavior of a grown man right??

"And before you ask if he was just anxious about meeting my family or something – he's met them all before several times. Even if he hadn't that wouldn't explain it because he's done similar things before in front of his own family and when it's just the two of us.

"I am tired of the weird way he acts around food. Tired of worrying if he's going to get weird looks from other people. As someone in my 20's I shouldn't be getting 'reports' from my parents that my boyfriend did something rude and immature.

"They questioned if I felt like he was on my same level. I feel like I generally am happy with him, and then things like this pop-up and I remember he has this other side that really turns me off. He's older than me but I feel like I'm the older one sometimes."

Following her post, many took to the comment section to slam him for his behavior as well.

One person wrote: "You've been with him nine months, he's demonstrated that despite the fact that he's pushing 30 he's a giant man-child, and the dog feeding was a huge f**k you to your parents. Why are you with this person?"

A second one commented: "Don't let any of your partners disrespect your parents, and in turn don't ever disrespect your partner's parents, even when your partner disrespects them."

And a third one questioned: "Yeah. I mean if all the non-food stuff is AMAZING maybe you could talk to him about it? You should talk to him about it anyway. But if the other stuff isn't great, why put up with the weird food stuff?"

What do you think? Would you tolerate this behavior?

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