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INTRIGUED by the sex tips clocking up millions of likes, broadcaster Amy decided to try it out for herself.

Here Amy, 33, from Hertfordshire, and her fiancé decide to try out the hottest sex…

From recipe ideas to workout tips, I use TikTok for everything, much to the confusion of my fiancé Jonathan.

He doesn’t have an account and is sure I spend too long on mine.

But I think I may have finally found a corner of the platform we can both make the most of – saucy advice from “sexpert” content creators.

“I’m in!” he says, as I start to read out the top sex tips and suggest we give some a go.


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Jonathan, 43, a musician, and I met on a dating app in July 2021 – there was a strong attraction between us and the honeymoon period was intense.

But although we still fancy each other like mad, like a lot of couples, we’ve fallen into a routine in the bedroom.

From sex every day, to the same two positions once a week, it’s comfortable but predictable, so the idea of trying something new is exciting.


The #tantric hashtag has nearly 39 million views on TikTok, and posts encourage partners to explore their deepest sensations during sex through taking enough time to establish a spiritual connection alongside the physical.

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The aim isn’t to race to orgasm, but rather to take time to give each other pleasure.

We set the scene by grabbing some candles and put on a playlist.

But Jonathan lights the wrong one and the room suddenly smells of whisky – a souvenir from a recent trip to Scotland.

We then spend too long trying to herd three cats out of their favourite room, and doing breathing exercises together in our underwear with whale music on full whack gives us the giggles.

TikTok’s tantra experts suggest giving each other massages and sharing where you like to be touched, but Jonathan mishears “head massage” and plops oil directly on my face – not a good start.

Once we get into it, we tell each other where we want to be massaged, and I feel really turned on.

We try out the iconic tantric position, the Yab Yum: Jonathan sits up with his legs crossed, and I sit on top of him with my legs crossed around his back.

It’s more intimate and slower than normal, and we’ll definitely try tantric again – in fact, we’ve just invested in some expensive massage oil.

Rating: 4.5/5


This hack, which has gained over 26 million views, suggests putting a pillow under the woman’s pelvis to increase pleasure.

With the pelvis tilted up, it allows more access to the G-spot for her, and deeper penetration for him.

TikToker and sex educator Sassy Red, who has over 5 million likes, highlights the benefits in a video that has clocked up 20 million views and 7,000 comments – with one calling it “game-changing”.

It sounded easy enough, but in hindsight, we should have put the pillow under first rather than shoehorning it in halfway through.

Jonathan says he could feel a real difference, but I couldn’t, and won’t bother trying again.

Rating: 2/5


Having sex in the car as a teenager was a necessity.

Nowadays, we have a very nice three-bedroom house available, but TikTok sexperts reckon it’s still a good idea to change up the venue.

To ensure our “road trip” doesn’t feel too scheduled, we decide that I’ll tell Jonathan “we need to get milk” when I’m feeling adventurous.

Which is less so after I read that getting caught having sex in your car could leave you with a hefty £5k fine.

Risking it, I say the magic words one evening, but Jonathan’s forgotten the code and is baffled when I demand milk after he’s bought four pints.

But the penny soon drops  and we’re out looking for a lay-by.

Eventually, we find a car park on a quiet country road, sans cameras.

We stop the engine and both get in the back. Luckily we have a SUV, so making space isn’t an issue, but the thought of getting caught isn’t far from my mind, which isn’t much of a thrill.

Afterwards, when I notice we’ve steamed up the car windows, I can’t resist slapping a Titanic-inspired handprint on the back window as a souvenir. 

Rating: 3/5


The Coconut Challenge is a TikTok trend in which you spell out the word  “coconut” with your hips while on top.

I decided to try this without telling Jonathan first. I can feel self-conscious in this position, so having something to concentrate on is reassuring.

Afterwards, I ask if he noticed anything different.

Perplexed, he asks if I’ve got a new bra. I spell coconut with my fingers, but he has no idea.

Would we try this again? N-O.

Rating: 1/5


“Edging” is when each of you delay orgasm, so it builds and results in one much more explosive, and plenty of TikTok sexperts vouch for the technique.

Just as one of you is about to climax, pause and go back to the start – in theory, straightforward, but in practice, it’s like stopping a rollercoaster using your little finger.

We try our best, but neither of us has the willpower. It might work for others, but we just haven’t got the patience.

Rating: 2/5


Many TikTok sexperts credit toys with giving them a boost in the bedroom, with clit-stimulation gadgets being one of the most talked about.

It’s thought up to 80% of women can’t orgasm through penetration alone, and I am no exception.

We try the Lelo Sona, £79, which uses sonic waves instead of vibrations.

Using this at the same time as penetrative sex means we both hit the high note simultaneously, which feels like a new level of intimacy.

The Sona’s buzzing could be off-putting, but the benefits far outweigh this.

Rating: 5/5


This experiment made us find time for intimacy, which can fall down our priorities list.

It was also a reminder of just how much fun there still is to be had, even after two years together.

My favourite TikTok tip was the Lelo Sona clit-stimulation toy, which has definitely become a permanent addition to our repertoire.

Did social media really spice up our sex life? Big like.

Jonathan says: “I really enjoyed this experiment, as it gave us an excuse to try some new things.

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“The favourites for me were tantric sex, as we spent more time focused on each other than we usually would, and car sex, which felt a bit naughty, like we were horny teenagers again!

“Thank you, TikTok – I’m converted.”   

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