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A CONTENT producer has shared her weight loss dinner that tasted just great and could be prepared in a jiffy.

She said it was super simple to make and was sufficient enough to fill her up.

The meal suggestion came from the Protein Snack Queen(@proteinsnackqueen), a fitness and nutrition coach.

Her TikTok remit is all about "meal plans for weight loss," and she has proved to be super popular with over 181,000 followers and another 727,000 likes.

But in this post, she had a dilemma and shared it with her viewers.

“We have a problem," she said. "I’m in a fat-loss phase and I ate almost all my calories for the day."

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But she was ravenous and had to have something to eat. “[It's] dinner time and I’m hungry.

"Let me show you what I’m making for dinner in real-time [when] I only have a few hundred calories left for the day."

Her solution was an easy five-minute meal that contained only 300 calories and 45g of protein.

“Guys, I actually had this problem in real-time and just tossed this together from my fridge," she said.

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“The easiest five-minute meal that can support any fat loss phase or calorie deficit," she reckoned.

The list of ingredients included: two egg wraps, light mayonnaise, two slices of turkey breast, one slice of light cheddar cheese, a lettuce leaf, and Bolthouse Farm’s Ranch sauce.

Once all the elements of the wrap had been added, she rolled it up and proceeded to chomp away.

“Okay, I’m just gonna eat this one bite in front of you because I actually want to sit down and enjoy it on camera," she said with relish.

Her verdict was a glowing one: "You cannot go wrong. So simple. I’m satisfied and I’m full and this is great."

The post had over 10,000 likes and more than a hundred comments.

Commenters were grateful for the tip.

“It is so helpful the way you put the ingrediants so I can screenshot them and add them to my grocery list. Thank you," was the view of one.

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“That looks amazing," said another fan.

There was gratitude from this follower in the concluding remark: “Thank you for this. I always seem to run into this problem and I’m like, ‘what can I eat?'” She now had a solution.

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