My friend won't invite my fiancé to her wedding because she says our 10–year romance isn’t ‘valid’ – it gets more absurd

FEW WEDDINGS go off with zero drama, and one woman is venting about a sticky situation she found herself in due to a bride completely dismissing her fiancé from the guest list.

The poster claimed she dropped out of a wedding because the bride, which is also her best friend, refused to invite her fiancé and father of her unborn child to her big day because she didn’t see their relationship as “valid” since they are not yet married.

The woman, who shared her story in an anonymous post to Reddit, explained that she’s been with the same man for 10 years and is expecting a child with him.

They plan to elope at the beginning of 2022 and will host a small gathering of family and friends, which includes her best friend and her future husband.

However, the poster’s best friend will not return the favor because she does not take their relationship seriously.

“She objected and said she didn't invite [my fiancé to her wedding] because she doesn't see our relationship as valid if it took us so long to make our relationship legal and how if we've been waiting 10 years to take the next step then our relationship bond is probably not that strong,” the shocked woman claimed.

“She insisted on her decision and said: ‘I'll not invite him, I decide who comes and who doesn't, and since I don't think your relationship is as strong as it should be, you may break up soon and I don't want an ex existing in my wedding pictures.’”

The bride told her best friend to “accept it or leave,” so she dropped out of the wedding and released her maid of honor title.

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The poster added that she thinks the bride is being “ridiculous” and has “bizarre beliefs,” especially since she and her future husband got engaged after less than a year of dating.

“I refuse to be disrespected like that and told her she can search for someone new to torture but not me,” she stated.

While the woman feels completely scorned by the situation, she does feel unsure about how she handled things because their mutual friends said she’s in the wrong. 

However, the internet thinks otherwise.

“That's a bridezilla and a terrible friend,” one Reddit user commented.

“Like seriously, who does that to your supposedly best friend, honestly after that kind of disrespect I'm surprised you’re still going to the wedding.”

“She's insulting you, your fiancé and your unborn child,” another person wrote.

“That is so pointlessly cruel from someone supposed to be your friend?”

Yet a third reader added: “Leave her in your rear-view mirror. 

“You'll be the better for it.”

The woman is not the first person to be caught in an unpleasant situation regarding a friend’s wedding.

A bride previously admitted she suggested that her bridesmaids lose weight before her big day and asked them to spend thousands preparing for it, causing two to drop out.

Another person claimed she was uninvited from her sister’s wedding after she refused to give her a gift worth thousands of dollars.

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