My friendly neighbour was so rude to me & I had no idea why, but then I caught sight of my reflection & was humiliated | The Sun

A MUM was mortified after realising why her usually friendly neighbour was suddenly rude to her – and it's all to do with her lack of clothing.

Mum Kelly Convey took to TikTok to share the hilarious yet mortifying story after a neighbour saw her top half totally naked, without her even realising it.

''Basically, we just had a delivery at the door, so I went and got it,'' Kelly said in the video.

According to the delivery guy, the next door neighbours were not in, and the mum agreed to grab their package.

Within a few minutes, the neighbour comes knocking at her door – but something seemed to be off.

''They're usually very chatty and nice, but today it was almost verging on rude, and I thought what have I done?''

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However, after walking back into her home, Kelly suddenly came to realise why their attitude had changed – her boob was on the show.

''My t** was hanging out, my t** was out. I've been feeding my baby. My t** was out,'' the mum was horrified.

She immediately called her hubby at work – who already turned out to be aware of the major fail.

''He said 'Well, I've just got a delivery note from DPD and the top corner of the photo your t** is hanging out.

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''How’s your day going?'' the mum chuckled in the clip.

Needless to say, the clip, posted less than 24 hours ago, has already gone viral, winning a whopping 3.2million views.


Thousands raced to comments left in hysterics, with one writing: ''You have to move now.''

Another said: ''OMG, thank you for sharing this with us. It's hilarious.''

A fellow mum shared her horror story: ''I literally did this last week. Except I was standing in front of a window and waved to my neighbour.''

''After my C-section I forgot I had those disposable underwear on and was walking around the house like that. My husbands friend was there. Oh well [sic],'' someone else added.

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