My man bought me a £6k ‘mummy makeover’ for Christmas including a tummy tuck and butt lift – now I can pose in undies

A FRUMPY mum is now completely unrecognisable – after begging her partner to buy her a new BODY for Christmas.

Stunning Donna Lambert was fed up of looking fat and flabby after losing eight stone she put on while having her two young children.

She was left with a shelf of unsightly excess skin, and utterly miserable – and decided she wouldn’t spend another Christmas avoiding having her photo taken.

Donna, from Billaricay, Essex, begged partner David to help her transform her body by this Christmas – and he agreed to fork out more than £6,000 for his wife to undergo ‘mummy makeover’ surgery in Turkey – including a complete lower body lift.

Combined with a gastric band to help her shed the pounds, the pair have forked out a total of £14,000 for her to have her dream Christmas present – a completely new body.

Donna said: “I couldn’t spend another Christmas miserable and hating my body, so last New Years Eve, I told David the best present he could get me was my perfect body, and he agreed because he knew how happy it would make me.

"I am now 15 weeks post-op and I feel amazing, I never expected that having this done would mentally help me so much.

“I feel incredible and I have my confidence back.

"I am so happy I made the decision to do this, I have never looked back. I am happier than I have been in years and I love my body."

Donna's partner, David, said: "I loved Donna's body before surgery, but I could see how much it was affecting her mental health. I wanted to support her and do what I could to help her with these issues. She looked amazing before and she looks amazing now, I am just happy that she is happy."

Donna says that her kid are always asking to see her scars, and were very loving during her recovery from the surgery, showering her with hugs and kisses.

At her biggest, Donna was 18 stone and a size 24 – and would regularly scoff three bowls of cereal after eating her dinner.

After having her children, son, Beau, now six, and daughter, Amelie, now four, her weight yoyoed and she was left with stretch marks and loose skin – as well as piling on weight with each pregnancy.

She said: “I got a new job at a high-end skincare company, and I couldn't fit into their uniform. I was mortified.

"The manager took me out shopping for some alternative uniform, and this made me feel even worse because what I had to wear wasn't even nearly similar to what everyone else had on. I felt so isolated and embarrassed.”


  • Gastric band: £8K
  • Lower body lift (abdominoplasty and buttock lift), lipo and arm lift: £6,700

In 2006, Donna went under the knife and had a gastric band fitted at a cost of £8000, and after joining a gym, lost the weight, but still hated her body."

She said: "I had lost so much confidence because of how my body looked, I was actually happier when I was bigger than I was at a lower weight with excess skin.

"I would stand in front of the mirror every day, staring and touching all of my loose skin. I was disgusted with what I saw in the mirror.

"I always said I would cut all the skin off if I knew I wasn't going to die from blood loss.

"I developed some really bad habits in hope of being able to reduce the loose skin. I would starve myself for five days straight and only had water and sugar-free energy drinks to keep me going.

"I was in a really bad place, and eventually I sat down with my partner, David, 44, and admitted I needed help and told him that I really wanted surgery.

"I had been doing so much research about it, I had looked up so many different surgeons, looked at pictures of their work, and read endless reviews until I found my surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey.

"I explained this all to David and he could see how desperate I was to go for it, and he said he would support me and finance my surgery. So on New Year's Eve last year, I booked it all.

Donna recalls that once her surgeries were booked, it was like a switch had been flicked and she started to feel better knowing she was on a count down to her perfect body.

She adds: "I'm finally a 'yummy mummy' after years of self loathing, I have no regrets about having my surgeries abroad.

"I feel and look the best I ever have and I love flaunting my figure in new tight clothes.

"I'm now a size 12 and feel a decade younger."

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