My mum ordered a XXL paddling pool to keep our dog cool in the heat but she got scammed – we had to laugh | The Sun

A FAMILY were left in hysterics when an XXL paddling pool they had ordered for their pet pooch arrived – and looked nothing like the picture online.

One mum decided she wanted to help keep her dog cool in the heat, so turned to the internet for help and went shopping.

After much searching, she settled on what she thought was an XXL pet bath dog swimming pool that her pet would be able to splash around in.

The product was described as a “foldable pet pool for cats and small dogs” and the “best choice to cool down your lovely pets or for water fun.”

The picture on the site also made it appear like the pet Labrador would be able to get inside and be hosed down with plenty of space.

But what she didn't realise is that it came in several different sizes, each varying in price, so when the parcel arrived containing their new purchase, alarm bells must surely have started to ring. 

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That’s because the pool that they unwrapped was absolutely tiny and could only fit in one of their dog’s toys.

In a video shared by daughter Jordan, aka TikTok’s @jordanb_xx, she quickly made fun of the size difference. 

Putting up a picture of what they were expecting, followed by what they had been given, she wrote: “My mum’s been scammed.”

But proving they both saw the funny side of the situation, she followed it up with a string of laughing crying emojis, while her mum commented “should have read the small print.”

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Mum left red-faced after her £5 kid's paddling pool arrives a total fail

However, this isn’t the first time that someone has been involved in a paddling pool mix-up.

Another mum thought she’d managed to nab the ultimate bargain when she ordered a paddling pool for her two children for just £5.

But Samantha Ward, from Manchester, quickly realised why you should always read carefully.

Instead of a cool outdoor space for sons Jenson, 11, and five-year-old Jonah to enjoy, she was greeted with a teeny tiny pool that wouldn’t even fit one of them in.

Uploading a video where she came clean about her mistake, Samantha confessed: “Misjudged that one.

“'I've just been shopping, not feeling great, promised the kids a pool.

“Why oh why did I not read the description?”

While her eldest little boy added: “Great size, mum…” 

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But she then quipped that she’d found another use for the miniscule pool, as she said: “I can put wine in it maybe.”

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