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A WOMAN has told how her neighbour has started sending angry texts and notes if anyone parks on the street outside their house.

The anonymous woman took to Reddit and explained how she and her partner are both trying to work from home with a newborn.

However, she says her neighbour "has a problem whenever someone parks on the street in front of their house."

She then went on to share one of the angry text messages she received from her neighbour.

It reads: "Hello. There appears to be a black BMW SUV that has always been parking in front of our house every day starting around 9am through 5pm even though your driveway and front of your house seems to always have more than adequate parking for that car to park.

"When she parks in front of our house in the am she walks behind her car, walks over our parking strip to the sidewalk and walks to your house.


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"We would appreciate if you would instruct the owner of the black BMW SUV to stop parking in front out our house unless there is absolutely no available parking in front of your house or driveway."

The woman then went on to explain how her neighbours also got "mad" when her cleaning ladies parked in the shade one day – resulting in a second message.

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"Hello again," it begins. "Does the grey Nissan parked in front of our house belong to your nanny?

"Why are they not parked, instead in front of YOUR house or YOUR driveway?"

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In response, the frustrated woman penned: "They are our cleaning crew.

"We don't decide where everybody who visits us parks their vehicle. It's understandable to park in the shade if it's hot outside. They'll leave in a bit."

And finally, the woman explained how her neighbours "lost their s****" when her nanny tried parking in front of next neighbour's house and her car was "6 inches closer to them than they liked."

This time, they received a very angry letter.

"Stop the f*** parking in front of our house," it reads. "There is plenty of room to park in either your employer's driveway or in front of their house."

It wasn't long before social forum users took to the comments section – with very mixed responses.

"I run inside my house with my head down wherever I get home so I don't have to potentially talk to neighbours," joked one.

A second commented: "My neighbour parks his car in front of my house all the time. He has a huge corner lot with plenty of room and a driveway that fits 6 cars. I can’t stand it, but it’s not illegal so."

A third penned: "My neighbours kids park their cars in front of my place even though they have better parking spaces in front of their house.

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"I wouldn't care except sometimes they park badly and have the nose of the car taking up some of our crossing. Very frustrating."

Meanwhile, another added: "Yeah, I’ve had neighbours do the same thing. Not gonna lie, it is aggravating."

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