My neighbour’s ruined our fence by painting it – it looks so bad I could cry, I’m demanding they pay for it | The Sun

IF YOU'RE lucky enough to get along with your neighbours, you might be in the minority.

This comes after one woman shared the total mess her nightmare neighbours made of their shared fence.

Sharing the disaster on Mumsnet, they explained how their neighbour decided to paint their side of the fence that boarders both of their gardens.

They shared: "Our neighbour has painted their side of our fence, and it has seeped through to our side… As you can see, it looks ridiculous!

"This affects about 50foot, but we have about 150foot more of the same fence around other parts of our garden."

The user shared a damming snap showing the extent of the damage, black paint splotches cover large chunks of the fence, it's clear to see why they were so annoyed.

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"It's a very open garden so I think we'll need to paint the whole lot," they confessed.

"I could cry, we're busy working parents with young children so could really do without this.

"Do you think neighbour should offer to compensate us? Will be speaking to them tomorrow."

Other Mumsnet users were shocked by how bad the fence looked and totally sympathised with the busy parents.

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One wrote: "Oh my god that's awful and I'd be so upset with that!

"Yes I think they should offer to compensate you, they've completely ruined your side of the fence."

A second replied: "Oh no! I hope they will be mortified.

"At the very least, tell them. Maybe they can paint it for you!! They might have used a spray."

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And another wrote: "If you have a good enough relationship with them, just invite them into the back garden and show them, I doubt they even know that's happened & will be mortified!

"I'd insist they sort it out though."

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