My neighbour's tree is destroying my garden – they're refusing to cut it down, I'm fuming | The Sun

THERE’S nothing more annoying than having an awkward neighbour.

Whether they constantly moan about the bins or are always stealing your car parking space, it can be highly irritating.

However, if you thought your neighbours were bad, you’ll soon think again.

One homeowner has taken to Reddit to express his frustration after his neighbours refused to cut down a tree in their garden – even though it's damaging part of his property. 

The man explained that the large tree is positioned in the corner of his neighbour's garden, and as it continues to grow, its roots have begun to knock down the wall that separates the two outdoor spaces.

Initially, the man claimed that he spoke to one of his neighbours, named David, who said he would look into cutting down the tree as he agreed it was causing structural damage.

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But David's wife Jane however isn't on board – and has forced her husband to reconsider his support for removing the tree.

In a post on Reddit, the man fumed: "There is a tree in the corner of my neighbours' (who we'll call David and Jane) garden that is very large and tall (30ft or above), and its roots have been knocking down the wall that separates the two gardens and the wall that faces the pavement.

"My wife and I have talked to the two of them about the issue and David agreed that the tree should be cut down, because not only is it destroying the wall we’ve noticed that it's in danger of falling.

"Jane, however, said that she didn't want it cut down because it's expensive and she likes the tree where it is, and David said that he stood by his wife's decision.

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"We of course couldn't do anything more as the tree is on their property.

"Jane is, to be completely honest, rather frustrating.

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“If my wife is splitting logs, Jane will often complain about the noise, when her husband does the exact same thing.

"And there was a time when my daughter was sitting against the wall of their house – still in our garden – and Jane stuck her head around the corner and told her to 'get off my property'.


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"I was talking about the situation with my friend and she said that I was being too harsh on Jane and that it is expensive to get a tree that size cut down.

"I'm well aware of the prices – when I first moved into the house there were 3 huge trees in a garden that is not nearly large enough for them and got all of them cut down and it cost me over 5 grand.

"But it's not like they're short of money and not only is that tree damaging both of our properties, it is actually dangerous – during storm Eunice this year, it very nearly fell."

The majority of commenters on the post urged the man to get in touch with his local council about the tree, as they may be able to help if it poses a risk of falling.

One person said: "See if there are any local ordinances around nuisance trees. If it's in danger of falling you might be able to get the city to require them to take it down."

While another added: "Maybe you can call the city so they come to check and evaluate the situation whatever they decide is out of your neighbours' hands."

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A third agreed: “If you have homeowner's insurance in the UK let them know about the tree. It is very likely your neighbours will be on the hook for all damage to your house caused by the tree that they failed to take care of”. 

However, someone else commented: “Good for her. I hope the tree remains, too much nature is disappearing. Very likely the money to cut down the tree can be used to reinforce it”.

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