My partner cheated on me because he was jealous of the attention I was giving our SON – he’s left me speechless

IF you've ever experienced the heartbreak of being cheated on, you've probably heard some of the worst excuses under the sun.

But while acting out of revenge or anger may be one of the most common reasons given for philandering, one woman, from the US, was left gobsmacked by her boyfriend's "gross" explanation.

Taking to TikTok, the anonymous woman, from the US, videoed her other half as he admitted the shocking reason as to why he allegedly cheated on her.

Speaking of the time shortly after their son was born, he can be heard saying: "You were giving him all of the attention so every time I went to work, everyone at work was giving me attention – that’s why I did it.”

The woman went on to ask him whether he realised she was taking care of their child.


"So you cheated on me because I was giving our son all of the attention, and you go to work and find attention elsewhere?" she continued.

Do you know what an a*** you sound like? You sound completely pathetic – that’s why I’m not letting you back in the house – that’s exactly why."

In the background, the alleged love rat can be heard asking whether he can just move back in.

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"No I’m not letting you – chill out. You can go and be with that b****,” the woman replied.

Any many social media users were left gobsmacked by the revelation and were quick to take to the comments section to express their disgust.

"So his competition was his baby boy? Wow," wrote one, while a second penned: "He’s a whole child. Please move on sis."

You were giving him all of the attention

A third noted: "He needs to grow up. Adults tell people when they have an issue, they don’t ruin people’s lives because they can’t handle simple communication."

Elsewhere, a fourth raged: "This dude really decided that he needs more attention than a literal baby and those needs are more important wth. I’m so sorry, stay strong!"

A further added: "If a man gets mad at u for giving ur attention to your children, huge red flag, narcissist, obsessive etc."

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