My petty neighbor DRILLED HOLES in my daughter’s sandpit after claiming my garden was theirs | The Sun

A HOMEOWNER has claimed her petty neighbor drilled holes in her toddler’s sandbox.

Jessy Gii, 26, says she lives next to two “s***y” neighbors and accused them of not respecting her yard boundaries.

She claimed one of her bad neighbors constantly stares at her and tried to claim her garden as his.

Jessy, of Pennsylvania, said she instructed the man to stay off her property, but he reportedly ignored the requests.

She then shared a picture of her daughter's sandbox that featured dozens of tiny holes.

She claimed that one of the neighbors had drilled holes in the box.

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Jessy claimed: “They went as low as breaking a toddler’s toy.”

She vented: “I hate people” as she asked TikTokers for advice on how to patch up the holes.

Jessy said: “It’s never acceptable to damage someone’s property, especially a child’s even if they hated my guts for whatever reason. It’s no excuse.”

The mom said she’s the type of neighbor that keeps to herself.

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She added: “I don’t want to engage in small talk with neighbors. You do you over there, and I do me over there.”

Jessy claimed one of her neighbors would make digs at her when she renovated her home.

And, she claimed they allowed revelers to park on her lawn when they were hosting a party that saw at least 50 people attend.

Jessy said: “I told them all to stay out of my yard and I planted a tree fence along our yard boundaries.”

TikTokers showed sympathy towards Jessy as they flooded the comments after she shared her ordeal.

One social media user said: “This was my biggest fear moving into a new house.

“This sounds so stressful and exhausting. So sorry to hear you’re constantly dealing with this.”

TikTokers were left outraged that the child's toy was broken.

One person vented: “It doesn’t even matter if you’re a bad neighbor. What does that have to do with your baby’s toys?

"The baby didn’t do nothing (sic) to your neighbors.”

The mom revealed that she used Flex Seal to patch up the holes in the sandbox.

TikTokers have also urged Jessy to install cameras in a bid to avoid repeat episodes.

Meanwhile, a homeowner in Texas sought revenge after her neighbor left a note on her car, warning that he was going to rip down their shared fence.

Footage captured the moment the neighbor walked up the drive and put a note on a parked Mercedes.

The caption text of the TikTok clip, which has gone viral, said: “My neighbor left a note on my car telling me he was tearing down the common fence and moving it 4ft in, and we would have to put up our own fence.

"So we did!! Enjoy MF'er."

New wooden fence panels that were painted in orange, purple and pink were then erected facing the neighbor.

The neighbor's new fence is made of metal bars, so the garish paint is clearly visible behind it.

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And, a woman has shared how her neighbor went from complaining about her dog to separating their two homes with massive tarpaulins.

While, another homeowner has claimed her neighbors banned her from playing music and complained when she brushes her teeth, making her life hell.

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