My shaving tips will give you the smoothest legs – a crucial step will prevent strawberry skin | The Sun

A CLEVER woman has revealed her top tips for having silky smooth skin.

She shared her beauty tips for shaving, which she said will make legs super soft.

Anisa Saneah (@anisasaneah) showed off her razor, which appeared to be for men, in a video posted to TikTok.

"Girl tips you need to know — shaving edition," she said.

First, she shared her resoning for skippping out on razors marketed for women.

"Use a men's razor instead of a women's razor to achieve the closest shave," she said.

Anisa shared a tip for an age-old problem — running out of shaving cream.

"If you run out of shaving cream, you can always use coconut oil or conditioner instead," she revealed.

The beauty pro also revealed how she annihilates a common skincare concern.

"Exfoliate before shaving to prevent strawberry skin and get the smoothest legs and don't forget to moisturize after," she said.

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The video drew in many viewers who shared their thoughts in the comment section.

"So I can use coconut oil to shave it’ll prevent razor bumps?" one wrote.

"You can use it to shave and it may prevent the razor bumps," Anisa replied.

"Can I exfoliate with an sugar scrub?" another added.

"Yes," Anisa wrote back.

"What happens if I exfoliate after?" a third commented.

"Your skin may be irritated and you won’t get the smoothest shave," Anisa advised.

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