My simple skillet tip will take yesterday's pizza from stale to perfect – and it's totally free | The Sun

A CONTENT creator has shared his quick and easy hack for cheesy leftovers.

Instead of throwing away your stale pizza, he recommends bringing it to your stove top.

In a recent video, TikToker The Gooch (@the_gooch) proved you don't need money to pull this off by using a kitchen tool you probably own.

"Stop throwing away that stale pizza," he said, "you are gonna thank me for this pizza trick."

First, he pulled out a skillet. Then he placed the pizza inside the skillet before demonstrating the most important step.

He said: "Drop in an ice cube, cover, and steam for 60 seconds. And voila, perfectly cooked pizza."

When he lifted the skillet cover, the pizza looked as good as new, and hardly like it had been sitting in yesterday's box.

This isn't the only time commenters have been impressed with The Gooch's zero-cost hacks.

In another viral video, he used a knife, wire cooking rack, and bowl to make mashed potatoes with little effort.

After placing the wire rack on top of the bowl, he cut a baked potato in half and used his hand to press one half down.

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While most of the potato ended up in the bowl, the skin remained on top of the wire.

The life hack expert also amazed people with his efficient method for breakfast bacon.

"You're gonna thank me for this breakfast bacon hack," he teased.

He advised viewers to cut their bacon package in half while taking a pair of scissors down the middle of his own.

He then took the leftover packaging from the half he was cooking and slipped it over the other half to keep fresh in the fridge.

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