My toxic mother-in-law announced my pregnancy before me… she even posted it on Facebook AND said I was in the wrong

ONE mum has told how her hubby's mum announced her first pregnancy online before the couple had told anybody.

The mum said that the couple had planned on keeping baby news to themselves for a little longer but her hubby's mum ruined the surprise, in the worst way.

Taking to her TikTok account, the woman said the couple were trying to keep the news within their small circle at first.

Posting on the social media platform she said: "I was still early on in pregnancy and just wanted to make sure the baby was going to be healthy. So we told her, please do not tell anybody,wait until we have a chance to do so."

The mum added: "And PLEASE do not post on social media until I can announce it, and boy, she didn't like that. She didn't like that we didn't want her to post or tell anybody yet and you would think that she would understand why."

The mum said that she was adamant that her MIL didn't spill the beans until they know that their baby was going to be healthy, but her hubby's mum felt she had the right to tell people that she will be a grandmother.


"She kept questioning like "why don't you want me to tell people that I'm gonna be a grandma. Anyway she eventually, finally agreed that she wouldn't tell anybody, she would keep it a secret, she wouldn't post it on social media" she said.

Adding: "It didn't last long though.Within a few weeks, she made this post, and made me out to be this horrible person."

In the Facebook post, the woman completely ignored her son and daughter-in-law's wishes and revealed the baby news.

"She said that I didn't want her to tell people she was gonna be a grandma, the same thing we talked about in person, she ended up making a post on Facebook and completely slandered my name," said the woman

Adding: "That made my husband VERY mad. He let her know that she was in the wrong and of course she just played the poor pity-me-card like she always does."

The post has been viewed over 23.7k times and TikTok viewers have been quick to comment.

"Love how people make it about themselves when it's your news" commented one person.

Another added: "I would have commented on her post with the truth."

"Eventually everyone would know. It's not like you said NEVER tell anyone. You had the right to announce your OWN pregnancy news in your own time" commented a third.

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