My wife gave birth a month ago – the house is a mess and he constantly cries, she needs to take responsibility

HAVING your first child flips your world upside down and it can take a long time for parents to adjust to the change.

Many dads take on extra roles around the house whilst mums recover postpartum, but one man's reaction has shocked the internet.

Taking to Reddit, the anonymous man told users he had asked his wife, one month postpartum to start pulling her weight around the house.

The man, 31, said he and his wife, 28, had welcomed their first kid into the world a month ago and that that his wife left her job to focus on healing and nursing.

Whilst he was off work for the month he helped around the house and with childcare duties, but since he has gone back it has been getting more and more difficult.

Leading him to tell his wife to take on more responsibility before storming out and spending the night drinking with friends.

Fed up with his wife not cleaning up, he wrote: "The house is constantly a mess and nothing ever gets done unless I do it myself.

"All of this being while I am the sole provider for the household and taking care of my son."

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The dad said he 'understood' that this was a difficult time for his wife who was suffering from blocked milk ducts, bleeding nipples and having to nurse every two hours.

But felt it was unfair of her to expect him to do everything just because she was nursing and recovering.

He added: "It’s even more difficult because outside of taking care of the house and my son most of the time, I’m also taking care of her.

"She needs me to help out clogs, help clean up things in the bathroom, get her this and that, won’t change or shower half of the time unless I tell her to. Even then she needs help."

He claims after coming home late one evening he found no housework had been done and his wife asleep on the sofa ignoring their babies cries.

When he brought down their son so she could comfort him she apparently gave up after an hour which angered him more.

He told her: "I can’t always be the one to do everything and she needs to start pulling her weight. That I’m tired too and I don’t get to ignore her or the baby and sleep all day."

After coming back from his night out, the house was immaculate from top to bottom and both his wife and baby were asleep.

He said he did apologise the next morning but that he was glad he had said something.

Despite this, he said his wife will now not ask for any help and has been acting differently, he asked users if he was justified in telling her to take on more responsibility, but users were quick to side with his wife.

One user commented: "On top of all this she’s probably super sleep deprived waking up every 3 hours or so to nurse a baby on breasts that have been clogging which is painful and chapped bleeding nipples as well! Dude, you are so much the a*****e. Of course you should be helping taking care of your wife and baby when you’re done work. Also, you should make sure she’s not suffering from post partum depression."

"I feel so bad for his wife. She carried, housed and CREATED a whole ass person. And he’s yelling at her about responsibility." Said another user.

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