My wife is disrespectful for wanting to give our son a double-barrelled surname – he should only have mine

A DAD has branded his wife disrespectful after she wanted to give their son a double barrelled surname, arguing that he should only take his name.

Taking to Reddit, the bloke asked if he was an ‘a**hole’ for refusing to let his child take his mum’s name too.

In his post, the dad, 32, explained that his wife, 30, had chosen to keep her maiden name after they married, against his family’s wishes.

“Now this ‘last name’ issue has been brought up again when my wife and I found out we were expecting a baby boy,” he wrote.

“I sat with my wife down and told her that my son is going to get my last name and explained so that there's no confusion but she disagreed and said no and came up with a compromise which was that our son gets both our last names but I declined explaining how awkward and confusing and just complicated that would be.”

He continued: “She threw a fit calling me selfish and accused me of treating her as if she as a mother gets less or no say but I reminded her that she got to keep her maiden name and so we're even. 

“She then argued that I was mixing two things that are unrelated and was holding the fact she got to keep her maiden over her head though it was her right to do that same with deciding what surname our son will have. 

“I said I was sorry but I can not accept this compromise especially with how my family will react and told her she should just go with the flow and agree on my son having my last name. 

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“She got upset and refused to talk to me after that, calling me selfish and a dictator and a ‘minion’ for my family even though I'm just looking out for our son's best interest and keeping them in mind.”

Fellow Redditors were left baffled by his claims that his wife was being disrespectful, branding him an a**hole in the comments.

One wrote: “Your family has no say in any of this. They, and you, need to grow up.”

Another agreed adding: “Frankly, if she chooses to let you add your last name you should be grateful, considering what a misogynistic a** you're being.”

“Two last names are not complicated in the slightest,” wrote a third.

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