Nail salon creates LIVE INSECT manicure – and people think it's animal cruelty

Nail Sunny, famed for its quirky manicures, uploaded a video of its unusual manicure to Instagram recently.

Usually, people praise the salon for creating distinctive looks.

But this time it's been criticised for animal cruelty.

The salon wrote: "Ants in the nails – YAY OR NAY? What happened with ants? Look the next video !!!!! They are breathing!!!!!"

In a subsequent video the ants are released from the nails, but people were still unhappy.

shanaiapapaya said: "Good Lord why do that in the first place?"

mester.dora  said: "It's animal cruelty. They [are] suffering!"

scaneet said: "This is utterly disgusting."

glitzy_nailz said: "I hope you set these ants free. They are working ants and their colony need them . They'll probably be rejected now because they'll stink of acetone.

"I'm not liking [the] use of living creatures so please can you stop this."

cybulekk wrote: "Why did you treat them like that? They are animals!"

Previously Nail Sunny created a selection of fun manicures – including hot dog nails.

The salon released a video of nails with tiny combs attached that can actually brush your locks.

The sped-up tutorial shows extensions being added to each nail before the comb “teeth” are drilled out of each nail.

When the “combs” have been created, each one is painted in a different colour to make them truly stand out.

Nail Sunny uploaded the bizarre creation online with the caption: “Brush nails – YAY OR NAY”.

Nail Sunny had not responded to The Sun Online's request for a comment about its ant nails.

In more nail news, this colouring pencil manicure has taken artistic design to a whole new level.

And if that wasn't weird enough, you can now get cow udder nails that you can squeeze real milk out of.

Nail Sunny also created has created bonkers nail art by gluing TOOTHBRUSH heads to her fingers.

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