New York, It’s Time to Shop! (Masks on, Please)

Trees are blooming, vaccines are going in arms, young people in media are quarreling with one another — after a cold, dark, drained-of-feeling year, New York is re-emerging, puckishly.

A curious shopper may emerge from this long hibernation only to be confronted with oodles of abandoned storefronts. It has been a cruel stretch for established retail, including the closing of several essential New York stores.

And yet, rents are low. The internet has incubated a legion of young brands ready for their first real-world steps. The city feels frisky for the first time in a while. The moment is right for a new wave of entrepreneurs, ideologues, grifters and rabble-rousers to take over the empty spaces and try new things.

Below, a by-no-means-comprehensive sampling of interesting shops that have opened recently, either just before the city shut down or while it was largely asleep, and which altogether proffer a bit of hope for a spirited spring, and beyond.

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