Now you can look extra extra hot in this limited edition Nando's merch

Big fan of chicken, spice, and everything cheeky?

Well, the Nando’s new limited-edition Sauce Collection is probably just the thing for you.

Paying homage to the brand’s Southern African roots, the merch collection is the result of a collaborative effort with local artists, farmers, charities, and more all over the nation.

Prices range from £3 for a bottle of sauce to £45 for a hoodie, and there’s bound to be something to suit every Nando’s-lover out there.

Like the website says: ‘It’s the only time wearing sauce is a good thing.’

The six products available to buy while stocks last are:

  • Sliders – £35
  • Socks – £15
  • A hoodie – £45
  • A t-shirt – £30
  • A bag – £35
  • And a bottle of Extra Extra Hot PERi-PERi sauce – £3

Veering slightly away from the bright and colourful merch they dropped last year, Nando’s is going with a black, white, and red motif for their unisex clothes and shoes this time around.

Meanwhile, the tote cleverly mimics the brand’s instantly recognisable takeaway bags.

In other Nando’s news, the chain recently added Fully Loaded Chips and a new Pepper and Feta Dip to the menu.

And for anybody who missed the Garlic BBQ mild hotness level, it’s back like Backstreet, baby.

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