How one woman is bridging the gender pleasure gap with this app-controlled sex toy

Men are more than twice as likely to orgasm than women so Stephanie Alys is making it her mission to change that.

The entrepreneur, from Brighton, has launched sex-toy company MysteryVibe and designed Crescendo — a £139 vibrator that adapts to any body shape and can be controlled from an app on your phone.

She says: “I really hope Crescendo will bridge the orgasm gap.

"An orgasm has such an incredible effect on your body. Having a healthy sex life is so good for your mental and physical health.

“It helps you sleep better, aids your heart health, your immune system, it can help chronic pain and it aids communication between partners.

“We should be striving for women to have more orgasms.”

Stephanie, 28, has already scooped numerous accolades, including a Veuve Clicquot Business Award.

Her products are sold in 58 countries and the company’s turnover is expected to hit £4million this year.

The self-titled Chief Pleasure Officer says: “I’ve made it my mission to make sure women’s pleasure is not ignored.” S

he believes sexual inequality starts at school and teachers need to educate PUPILS about sex toys.

Stephanie says: “It’s so important to reduce that feeling of embarrassment or that it’s a shameful topic.

“There are so many people I’ve spoken to who admit some kind of vibrator is the first thing that has ever given them an orgasm, so why not talk about sex toys in sex education?

“For a woman to have a happy, healthy sex life they need to explore their bodies from a young age.

"If you’re a young person, having something that is specifically designed for that purpose is important.

“Sex education should be an issue close to everyone’s heart, as sex is a part of everyone’s life. It’s the reason we exist.”

Stephanie started designing the product ten years ago after recognising women’s orgasms are big business.

Along with her three co-founders, she saw a gap in the market for technology-based toys.

She explained: “I want to make sure women’s pleasure is at the centre of what I do.

“When I was 18, I had conversations with friends in long-term relationships and there was an ongoing theme of how difficult it is to keep the passion and spice alive.

“It becomes hard to switch off from the very busy day-to-day life and on to your partner.

“Me and my co-creators noticed how there was so much advancement in technology — things like the iPhone and apps — but that the sex toys side of the market had lagged behind.

“A lot of the products were very plastic, made with poor materials and didn’t appeal to me or a lot of women.
“It seemed someone had decided women wanted products designed like penises.

“But there are so many people who found this wasn’t for them — and men could find it intimidating to bring that kind of thing into the bedroom.

“We wanted to enhance the intimacy and connection between people, so we created hardware that is adaptable to your body so it could be whatever shape you needed it to be.



“No two bodies are the same, so why should sexual products be a fixed shape?

“There are so many ways technology can help people be more intimate and learn more about their partner.

“At the heart of everything I do, pleasure in sex is key.”

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