Ox weekly horoscope: What your Chinese zodiac sign means for you December 20 – 26

December 20, 2020 – December 26, 2020

THE OX will be extra emotional this week so it’s their responsibility to handle them accordingly so no one’s feelings get hurt. 

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Monday doesn’t look too good for the Ox. 

There is a lot of emotional confrontation surrounding them in regards to old issues that were never addressed at the time. If they tackle them head on, everything should solve itself rather quickly. Patience is a virtue when it comes to matters of the heart.

Midway through the week, the Ox should take into account all the work they’ve put in to this month and all the extra hours they have dedicated to their careers.

Chinese zodiac signs in order

  • 🐀 Rat
  • 🐂 Ox
  • 🐅 Tiger
  • 🐇 Rabbit
  • 🐲 Dragon
  • 🐍 Snake
  • 🐎 Horse
  • 🐐 Goat
  • 🐒 Monkey
  • 🐓 Rooster
  • 🐕 Dog
  • 🐖 Pig

If it seems like too many it’s because it is. Oxen, reconsider what your initial plan was and if it does not align with what you are currently doing then simply take a step back and regroup. 

The weekend looks like a great time to plan a small party at your place. Call up a few friends and have a small pre-holiday celebration. It will do you some good to be around those you love! Be merry.


Oxen, you have a reputation for choosing wisely with whatever choices you make.

However, this week looks complicated as you haven’t been making the wisest decisions when it comes to love.

If you have been surrounded by people you don’t really like lately, ask yourself why. What have you been overlooking in exchange for some company?

If you’re not happy simply walk away and really take the time to scope out the situation before jumping in head first. 

It’s always better to be alone than in bad company. 


Your current job may have you overextending yourself a little more than normal. 

If you don’t feel comfortable always staying late or being one of the few that works the long hours, speak up. While there is nothing wrong with being the point of reference, it can get exhausting to always have to show up for others. 

Perhaps, try negotiating with your superiors only staying late or having additional responsibilities twice a week instead of all five. Make sure people know you have boundaries.

If you have been considering making an investment, read about the pros and cons prior to dishing out all that money. 

Make sure you can afford what you want to invest in. 

Types of Oxen

Metal Ox: Although there are life obstacles in the way, the metal ox faces no financial problems. They will be able to comfortably retire.

Water Ox: Water Oxen are highly respected. They are surrounded by love from their family. They are advised to marry late.

Wood Ox: Multi-talented, go through life breezily. There will be difficulties in early life.

Fire Ox: Friendly, fun, and social. The Fire Ox will not face any financial worries.

Earth Ox: Detailed oriented and good leaders. Financially comfortable, but can't hold onto money. They will enjoy later life more than their earlier years.

Spotlight Numerology

Pisces Fire Ox 1997: The Pisces Fire Ox has a life path number 7.

Oxen with the number 7 are introverted and reserved.

They are also intellectual and highly intuitive and sometimes have a hard time letting people in.

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These Oxen love to think about their life and plans.

Weekly Mantra

“I am thankful for what I have, even if it is not perfect.”

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