Parents share gender reveal & learn they're having girl triplets but it's the dad's reaction that's got people talking | The Sun

TWO parents who are expecting triplets decided to share their gender reveal video online – and it's the dad's reaction that's really got people talking.

US-based mum Brittany Lynn, who is 23 and already has four children, and her partner Levi were thrilled when they found out they would soon be welcoming triplets into their family.

Like many parents-to-be, they decide to host a gender reveal party to share the news to close family and friends.

In the clip, which has since gone viral, Brittany and her fella can be seen standing with three black balloons in front of them.

Then, as the couple's loved ones count down "ready, set, go", Levi holds onto the first balloon as Brittany pops it.

As lots of pink confetti flies into the air, signifying the first triplet is a girl, Levi looks in complete shock, while Brittany squeals in excitement.


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He quickly moves onto the second balloon – only, it's a case of déjà vu when pink confetti covers the floor once again.

While Brittany stands open-mouthed, Levi seems too shocked to react and instead hurriedly moves onto the final balloon, eager to find out the gender of the last triplet.

Much to the pair's surprise, it's a third girl.

As Brittany is seen open-mouthed, Levi remains glued to the spot as he simply stares at the floor in disbelief.

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The video has since racked up a whopping 333k views, and been flooded with comments online – with many quick to pick up on Levi's shocked reaction.

"The man was to stunned to speak…" noted one.

A second quipped: "Dad's like, 'I'll never see the bathroom again…'

A third penned: "The shock on his face is priceless!"

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "He was doing the calculation in his head of how much the girls are gonna cost him compared to if he had three boys."

Brittany replied: "I told him after this that he can pay for prom…that is gonna be EXPENSIVE hahaha."

Elsewhere one person wrote: "Dude was like I had one job and failed three times."

Hitting back, Brittany confirmed: "We wanted a girl because we had four boys? we tried for a girl and got three. We are ecstatic.

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"He just had to soak it in and have his moment."

She added: "He did want a boy in this mix lol but we wanted two girls and a boy. But we are happy with the girly trio."

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