People are just discovering where to put your sink plugs when you aren’t using them… and it’s NOT round the tap | The Sun

DO you wind your plug chain over your tap when it’s not in use? 

People have revealed their minds have been “left blown” after discovering that their sinks have a built-in feature for your plug.

TikTok user Sara Regula, who posts under @bikerbluesxx, showed how she realised she could attach her plug to the metal attachment at the end of the chain.

She showed how the back of her black plug slotted onto the metal square shape on the sink.

Sara added in the caption: “Why did no one tell me!? Did anyone else knew this?”

While some people knew about the “hack” it has been liked over 97,000 times.

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One praised it saying: “well we learn something every day they say.”

Another added: “I am 20 years in UK, never thought about it.”

And a third commented: “Omg I did not know that’s what that bit was for.”

However, one wrote: “This is awesome! … *goes n tries it *… Mines different.”

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